Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Design love, that is. I am in Chicago on business and trust me when I tell you that sewing was the farthest thing from my mind. Until I visited the rest room and looked up while using the hand dryer to see a cool looking print.

Design Inspiration
Design Inspiration

Imagine my surprise by finding a quilting idea in the rest room. I thought this would make an amazing scrappy two-color quilt with pops of color interspersed throughout.

I then turned to the other side of the rest room and found another cool print. This one looked like it could have been mixed media when it was original art. That got me thinking about doing a small white background with tight quilting and then bias shapes on top. Again, could be cool.

Design Inspiration
More Design Inspiration

Unfortunately I am long on ideas and short on time so we’ll see when I can get to these ideas.


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