Shop Hop in Sydney

I took a bit of time off yesterday and had a great time. I met up with the fabulous Jane of Pillow Parlance fame and we did a little shop hopping in Sydney.20140510-184652.jpg


Our adventure started at a at a fabric shop aptly called, “the fabric shop.” I got a great black and white print and a bold pink. I am thinking of making a skirt and using the pink as a pocket lining and accent. I also got a fun sequined fabric to make some pillows for craft fairs as Jane sells lots of them on Etsy (don’t worry, I won’t be listing them,) Then we went to another great shop before getting coffee and an amazing chocolate chip peanut butter banana muffin at St. Jude Cafe. Our last stop was an interior designer who sold fabric, much of it remnants at great prices.

I have been a fan of Jane’s statement cushions (aka pillows in the US) since I started this blog last summer. Her work is sophisticated and sassy and I learned a lot from our time together. Thank you Jane for your hospitality! I hope I can return the favor in NY some day and look forward to keeping in touch.

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  1. I had a lovely day Erin and was inspired by your energy, work ethic and generosity. I learnt a lot from you. And……..I now have not one but three beautiful NYC cushions on my lounge!! Hope you are enjoying the rest of the trip. Jane

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