Pins and needles…

No, not the kind we are used to talking about here. It has been a tough few weeks, but mostly for my stepdad and mom. I will spare you the details but he has a fancy, new upgraded pacemaker out in a month or so ago and all sorts if complications surfaced. An infection, the possibility of the device inserted backwards, and leads from two years ago put in wrong. You can’t make this stuff up.


The photo above was taken on Mom’s birthday, which we celebrated in Bill’s hospital room. After a week in one hospital, Bill was transferred to the teaching hospital in Gainseville and a specialist undid the damage that had been done. Now he is in cardiac intensive care waiting for the new pacemaker to be put in properly. We went down last week for five days to help talk to doctors, and visit Mom and Bill and offer morale support. Maddie and my brother were there even longer. One more procedure to go, but the worst is over. Now I have to get caught up on past due orders and get ready for autumn shows. This is a rate day that I am almost glad it is cloudy out!!!

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