Ten Things Not to Say to An Artist or Crafter

I am enjoying a cup of coffee this morning and was scrolling Facebook to see all of the shiny, happy faces heading off to school when I came across this funny haha from the California Arts Council on a fellow quilter’s Facebook page.

Things Not to Say to an Artist or Crafter
Things Not to Say to an Artist or Crafter

I really got a kick out of this, especially as I go into the fall craft show season. I have eight or nine shows through the end of the year, so it is definitely time to get a thicker skin. Here are some of the things I’ve heard over the last year:

“Quilts? Is this the old lady section of the show?”

“I will just buy the fabric online and it will look just as good.”

“Do you mind if I take a picture? I want to make sure mine looks better when done.”

“Since when are quilts art?”

“If I wanted a quilt or placemats I would go to Bed, Bath and Beyond.”

As funny (and sad for them), that these comments are, I’ve met the kindest, most interesting, and most generous people over the last year. Pat from Nanuet has become a fast friend and I look for her at every show just to check in on how she is doing. Lynette, whose daughter is about to receive a custom-ordered t-shirt quilt, has inspired me to expand my comfort zone, and many of the crafters I have met have given me helpful tips and helped me along during my first year of shows.

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