Edited on 12/28/2020 – Sadly City Quilter and the Art Quilt Gallery are no longer in business. 

I have written before about how much I love The City Quilter in NYC. What I don’t think i’ve done is written about how much I love their sister entity, The Art Quilt Gallery. The Art Quilt Gallery is essentially that, an art gallery featuring amazingly beautiful quilts by amazingly talented artists.


Their current exhibition is SCALE + COLOR + VISION by Velda Newman. This artist creates her own hand-dyed fabrics and has tremendous color and scale with some quilts that are more than 17 feet wide. Quite simply, they are stunningly showstopping. The one pictured above, Zinnia, is one of the most beautiful pieces of artwork i have seen. It is amazing to me that this is hand quilted!


Seashells, shown above, is another piece that is currently on display. It makes me want to put on my swimsuit, jump in the car, and drive right down to the Jersey shore this very moment. This exhibit is at the Art Quilt Gallery through October 18th. I have seen it twice, and will see it again before it is gone. In fact, the artist, Velda Newman will be at The Art Quilt Gallery in NYC on October 16th and will talk about how she creates her amazing art at 6pm. From what I hear, space still remains. You can call the Gallery at 212.807.0390 to reserve your space.

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