Visiting San Diego

Edited on 12/28/2020 – Sadly the Quilted Rose is no longer in business. Rosie’s remains in business and is an awesome shop to visit if you are in the area.

I am out in San Diego for the weekend with Rob and Maddie. We are here to visit Sophia at University of California San Diego and specifically to cheer her on as she fences at the Bladerunner tournament tomorrow. Sophia in class today so we went gallivanting.

IMG_0134.JPG We are in Old Town now, but before we got here we went to Rosie’s Quilted Cupboard in San Diego. There are several shops to choose from but I picked that one to visit due to the fact that they have 18,000 bolts of fabric. Eighteen thousand!!! Plus tons of books, notions, patterns and an awesome sale room.


IMG_0123.JPG I am very excited. I found some ballet fabric for a custom order, some great mixers for a series of All About Me quilts that I am working on, and some fun novelty prints just because. Rob and Maddie even got in in the fun with Rob picking a military print that he liked. It is impossible to not find something at this shop. The owner was amazingly helpful discussing transport options in advance of my visit and the staff on site were lovely too. I snapped these two shots of the exterior just to show the scale.


IMG_0127.JPG So as excited as I was about Rosie’s quilt shop, imagine how I felt about the long arm storm in the same shopping center. The Quilted Rose is a shop focusing on long arm Machines, supplies and quilting. I usually have to buy my pantographs and thread online so to be able to walk around, feel the threads and see the pantographs was awesome. And the two ladies working (I am so sad that I don’t know their names) were generous with their time and their knowledge.

IMG_0129.JPG These two shops will definitely be a stop whenever we visit Sophia, but I now have a new provider of long arm materials given they do mail order too. Both shops are on El Cajon Blvd in Dan Diego. Hope you can visit too.

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