Great Album Art

I was on my train ride to work one day last week and was tuning out to Spotify’s Best Alternative playlist. I don’t usually pay much attention to the cover art but this album cover definitely caught my eye and interest.


The band The Decemberists album “what a terrible world, what a beautiful world” features a mural that appears to be a quilt. I immediately went to the google to get more info and learned that it is a mural in Brooklyn. Or at least was in Brooklyn for the launch. When the lead singer, Colon Meloy, announced the album her performed a few songs in front of the mural. Have a look and a listen:


  1. This wonderful cover art caught my eye too. I quite fancy making it as an actual quilt. The design must be by Carson Ellis who’s married to Colin Meloy? BTW you need to correct the spelling of Colin’s name 😉

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