Happy Scrappy!

  When Joy says, “let’s have drinks, and oh, I have a few fabric scraps from my sister for you,” what she really means is, “I have a huge bag of scraps and some fabric too and you damn well better buy me a cocktail for lugging this on the train from North Carolina for you!” Joy is one of those friends who is always amazingly fun and is selfless with her kindness and generosity to others. And this bag of scraps was no exception.  
 What a windfall! I dumped the bag on the ironing table and couldn’t believe the fabrics and huge scraps. There was also some muslin and a cool piece of burlap too. I can’t highlight them all but here are some of my favorites.  

 Love this. And there is enough here for a skirt. How cute would that be??? It also matches the accent color of my bedroom perfectly and would be adorable as pillows.  Or a bag? So many options!!!

 Who doesn’t love superheroes? How cute will this be in crayon rolls or cut up in an I-spy quilt? 

 This little pack of vintage scraps is charming. I am thinking a crazy block pillow case.  

 And the. There are just a ton of great prints. Some nice modern mixers on the top left, sweet flowers on the upper right and some psychedelic  floral-inspired prints in the bottom. 

Thanks Joy, and sister! I wish I hadn’t just given all of my yarn to my mother in law. I will return the favor with a little something handmade for both of you!!!

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