A quilt for Baby Julia

 One of my colleagues, Dave, just became a dad for the third time. Julia Cid was born on December 21 – a day after my birthday! I had been teasing him for weeks that his new daughter was going to share a birthday with me but it didn’t work out that way. Dave reports that baby and Mom are beautiful, happy and healthy – and from the photos he shared, I would have to agree.  

 I wanted a playful quilt for Dave, and something a little larger than most baby quilts I made. Given Julia is the third of three, this toddler size quilt will allow her brother and sister to snuggle with her. Dave is a creative director, and worse yet on the art side, so I thought about doing something more modern and designed. But then again, it is still a baby quilt that will hopefully be well used and well loved (i.e. Spit on and a mess!) So, I took a simpler way out with this pattern that Jen shared.  I actually did a teal version and the link version and the. Once Dave let me Kneille’s the baby’s room was pink and white made the decision which to gift them. 

 The fabric is a little older than I would normally do for a baby, but Dave doesn’t strike me as the rattle and pacifier type. Hopefully they like it! And if Mom or Julia don’t, maybe Dave can use it himself! 


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