Handmade Christmas 2016

I had big plans for the handmade gifts that I was going to make this year. But work was much crazier than I ever expected as they year wound down, and things were very busy at home. I had many craft shows and am so grateful for the orders I made for other folks to have a handmade Christmas of their own. I will definitely structure my fall a little differently next year so I am more productive in my personal sewing. But, at least I got a handful of handmade gifts done.  

 A bunch of family and friends got personalized tea towels to help decorate for the holidays. They are a nice little treat to gift with homemade cookies and we knocked out a bunch of these.  

 Rob and I made a t-shirt and matching sweatshirt with his company logo for his dad and a t-shirt for John. They both really enjoyed them, although I think John’s is a little big.  

 For my mom I made a holiday greeting card holder. I actually made two of these – one for mom and one for my Etsy store and then I made a second for my mom because these are her colors.  

 I made several other handmade gifts but we have only had Christmases 1, 2 and 3. I have friends to see this week, and see the Grays on the 2nd so I will post part two then.  

 In the meantime, a shoutout for my niece and nephew who made this Swedish Dalahast (dala horse) for their grandmother. Scott who is just about 16 painted it, and Kirsten who is 18 painted it. I would guess it was grandmother’s favorite gift.  

 And lastly, Merry little sleighs. I had Maddie make a handful for a client meeting and that turned into making them for our office. 330 of them to be exact. She did a great job!

More to come next week!

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