QuiltCon 2016 – The Quilts

  Jen and I made our second annual trip to QuiltCon this week. This time it was in Pasadena. We loved the city and had a really great time. This is the first of four posts – focusing on the quilts. Tomorrow I will share some thoughts on the quilting itself and on Monday I will write about the vendor market. I will finish up in Tuesday with the guild quilts. 

 It seems only appropriate to start with the quilt that won Best in Show, “My Brother’s Jeans” by Melissa Aberinos (on Instagram @melissaaverinos). The quilt is made from her brother’s jeans which she had to rescue from a dumpster in 2009. This quilt moved me as a I lost a close friend to suicide in 2008 and think this is a beautiful tribute to her brother.   

  I absolutely loved the simplicity and strength of “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” by Allison Chambers (@downtownquilter_allie on Instagram). She mentioned in her write-up that she likes to reference pop culture in her quilts.  

 I guess I am in a minimalist frame of mind as this quilt caught my eye as well. “Rain” by Christa Watson (@christaquilts) was inspired by her husband telling her to go more modern. Nice job! 

 This quilt, “Holyoke 1938” by Timna Tarr (@timnatarr) represents an early map of one of America’s first planned cities. I found it really pretty, and obviously complex to make. The won a ribbon in the Small Quilts category, but I don’t remember which place.  

 “Accumulative Effect” by Stacey O’Malley (@slostudio) is made from years of collecting scraps. I can relate! I loved the color composition of this quilt.  

 This quilt is called “Find Joy” and was made by  Nicole Maroon (@thegirlwhoquilts) and was done a block a day as a way to infuse creativity into every day. Scroll to see the quilting where she worked the ‘find joy’ sentiment into the quilting.  

 This is “Wavelength” by Rebecca Bryan (@bryanhousequilts) is really pretty in how the solids create overlapping blocks of color. I am working on something using overlapping solids for an art show at work so this made me happy as I think my idea will work! 

 And lastly for today, “Mr. Swirl E. Bones” by Virginia Findlay Wolfe (@virginiafindlaywolfe) is really fun and much more intricate than it looks in the photo. 

The work was inspiring and spending time with Jen is always a bonus. I am bummed that I missed the deadline for this year but am excited to get at least one quilt submitted for 2017. More to come tomorrow!



  1. Hi! I’m Victoria Findlay Wolfe.
    @victoriafindlaywolfe Maker of Mr. Swirl E. Bones, quilted by Shelly Pagliai. Thank you for liking my quilt!

    Not Rebecca. 🙂

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