My Weird Little Pin Quilt

  As part of my mission to finish projects and have less clutter in my sewing space, I finally finished my weird little pin quilt. I made this with 2.5″ squares of Kona cotton, using all the colors that were available when I stitched the top about two years ago. The quilt measures 22″ x 38″ as I made it to hang on a shelf in my room.  
 I have collected lapel pins for years and have them from all fifty United States, different countries all around the world, and special events I have been to. I have to get them all loaded on, but you get the idea. I really love it and am so excited to load it up! 

 The quilting is a very simple freehand back and forth motion that was more a practice activity for me. It is ok, but will be covered by pins anyway. 😀 And yay for another UFO off the list!!!

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