Quilt Shop Review – Black Cat Quilt Shop, Holden MA

This is a great quilt shop that offers a lot of variety. The shop owner, Dyanne, is absolutely delightful and will do anything she can to help you. When I arrived she was busy helping a customer plan a quilt and she took the time to explain everything in great detail. I was looking for a particular style pattern and she scoured the shop for it. I really appreciated her approach to customer service. 

The shop is on the lower level of a commercial building. It almost feels like you are in someone’s basement, and that is a good thing. It is very homey with fabric stuffed everywhere. One of my pet peeves is when fat quarters aren’t with the yardage and I was very excited that they were together here. There are lots and lots of patterns from simple to complex, lots of books and plenty of notions too. 

I am in a batik frame of mind lately and loved the batik room. I wish I had more time as I would have definitely picked up quite a few. Unfortunately we were on the drive home from Maine and had to make it a quick stop. 

This is a well thought out shop and there are surprises everywhere. I used the ladies room and there were shop samples to admire. And heading out the steps remind you why this is an awesome shop. 

Thanks Dyanne for the lovely visit. I hope I have the chance to visit again at a time when I can plan a project and do some stash building. On this visit I did manage to pick up a few treats for current projects. 

The row by row kit is for my friend Amy as I have been grabbing them from all the shops I have been visiting. The batik fat quarters are for a quilt I have planned for my friend Kristen. The grays to black FQs are for the quilt I am working on for the upcoming GHG art show. And lastly the novelty prints are for I Spy quilts that I am making Shane’s kids for Christmas. Not bad for a quick visit. 

If you are in the area this shop is worth a stop. If you are new to quilting, go visit Dyanne. If you love collecting fabric, you will find lots to love here. 

Black Cat Quilt Shop is at 1085-A Main Street in Holden, Massachusetts or online at http://www.blackcatquiltshop.com. 

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