Out Of This World Baby Boy Quilt

I have to admit it, I have a thing for space themed baby quilts. I don’t know if it is the unlimited potential that space represents or how bright and colorful they tend to be. But I like them.

I stitched this one while up in Maine and then quilted it over the weekend. I love how simple the stars are and the squares formed between them.

The points of the star are Moda Concrete. That is another awesome mixer in great colors that I have been collecting alongside the Moda Grunge. The background is especially cute – white with stars, starbursts and dots. I have another set of stash cut but I will have to use a different background as I didn’t buy enough!

The quilting is an all over star and loop pattern that was pre-loaded on my Pro-Stitcher. It came out cute. For the second I am going to download something more space themes though.

Given there is so much color on the front of this quilt, I wanted something a little more quiet for the back. This simple blue on blue print worked just fine for me, and I finished it with a solid blue binding. I really like this quilt!


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