Design Inspiration from Across the Pond

I made a quick trip to London and Milan this week for work. I was in London exactly 24 hours and Milan even fewer, but I did see a few things that sparked my interest. 

I love this composition of the Union Jack made of umbrellas. Very clever installation by colleagues at a sister agency. 

This image was outside our meeting room. It got me thinking about a stacked version of my Spectrum quilt. I drew it last night after dinner and now just need time to make it. 

Milan is known for its fashion vibe and my hotel was in the fashion district. I wanted to go for a long walk, but client drinks bled into dinner with the head of a sister agency. So I was especially delighted by this fantastical garmet on display outside the nHow hotel. 

Dinner was terrific, and I learned that even the dessert is very fashionable in Milan. And now I head home, but am grateful to have had a productive work trip and a few sewing design ideas as well. Ciao!

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