Fifteen Minutes of Creativity – Week One

We are hosting a challenge to find 15 minutes per day to be creative. This can take many shapes and sizes and doesn’t have to include sewing every day. I travel a bit for work (when we aren’t in a pandemic) and sometimes my fifteen minutes comes via sketching, checking out art in a hotel, or wandering a new city looking for ideas. You can join the fun by commenting here or joining our facebook group, Cotton Candy Fabrics Sewing and Inspiration, to see what we are up to and share your ideas.

This week I am focused on making my hit list for the year, building a list of creative resolutions for me personally and for the shop. I’m starting with some of my favorite books, primarily around art and fashion.

Books about quilting are an obvious source of inspiration. But when you think about fashion you can be more interpretive. For example, Christian Siriano’s Black Orchid dress inspires quilt ideas around shades of black. A black on black quilt would present amazing quilting opportunities. I have some ideas…

Art has always been translated to quilts. This Mark Rothko oil painting from 1949 would make an amazing quilt, either as it is, or used for inspiration in an interesting color blocking pattern. I am adding this one to my list of quilts to make this year and will share when done. Hold me to it!

That’s my fifteen minutes for today! Finding fifteen minutes a day may seem daunting, but when you put it into practice you may find it helps relieve stress and inspires you. There are also times that I’ve been in quilting ruts and sticking with my fifteen minutes a day helped pull me out of them.

Wishing you health, happiness and creativity in 2021!


  1. Today’s fifteen minutes of creativity was spent straightening and cleaning my sewing room. Reacquainted myself with all the fabric I have and the projects I want to do….. Also reminded me of all the projects that I have started and want to finish….. and That’s my new year’s resolution for 2021…. make a serious dent in my unfinished projects.

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