Grand Place in Brussels

Grand Place, Brussels
Grand Place, Brussels

I was in Belgium last week for business and had a few hours one afternoon to go for a walk in the beautiful city of Brussels. I was in desperate need of coffee after the overnight flight and the concierge of my hotel directed me to visit a series of galleries for coffee and sightseeing. From there it was a one block walk to the Grand Place, the biggest tourist attraction in Brussels. It is an amazingly beautiful square with the most intricate architecture and detail. Despite the rain falling, it was stunning. Stunning, and inspirational for quilting. I’m thinking about making a strip pieced quilt with different fabrics at different heights to try to mimic the top of this side of the square. I’d like to somehow make the quilt grey monochromatic, but use pops of color to represent the details seen in the photo. Now I just need to find time to do it.

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