Sewing and Craft Room

I love scrolling facebook and pinterest looking at sewing studios and craft rooms. Some are so cute, some so functional, and some are ingenious the way they get so much information into such a small space. I thought I’d share my sewing room. It definitely has everything I need for sewing, plus the desk works for days that I am working from home too. It is comfortable enough that Rob and Maddie can hang out and watch TV while I work, so it has turned into a very functional space for us.

Fabric Storage

This is my favorite part! Fabric storage. The antique card catalog chest has scraps sorted by color, and then by theme (Christmas, kids, floral, etc.) I’ve started making more scrap quilts lately because this chest is filled! The shelves are from Ikea and are 15 years old but work great to store cut fabric. On either side of this are two big walk-in closets that have more fabric, storage for craft show merchandise, and gift wrap, etc.

Cutting and Ironing Stations

The cutting and ironing stations are actually two kitchen islands that i bought in upstate NY ten years ago. They are 3′ deep by 6′ wide on top so they make cutting and ironing larger projects pretty easy. There are four shelves and three big drawers on each so it really helps with storage. Lots of work in progress projects stored here. And books. Lots of books. There is another smaller walk in closet opposite the stairs that has shelving for plastic shoe boxes with projects, notions, an extra machine, more fabric, etc. I just counted 20 boxes of UFOs so I need to start cleaning them up asap!

Sewing and Work Area

There is a 10′ x 6′-ish alcove cut into the room with an awesome window seat that is where I have my desk for my machine and also for work when I’m on my laptop for work. The window seat right now is filled with thread and sewing supplies, but I aspire to clean it up and make some large throw pillows. Sometimes Maddie sits there and does homework while I work which I love.

Antiques for More Storage

I’ve found that antiques make good storage! The antique bookshelf stores fat quarters and the old chicken coop has random supplies and projects. There is a seat or bench built into the whole side of the room so I use it to store work in progress projects too.

Work in Progress Quilts and the boob tube

Obviously a TV, but more interesting to me is the drapery rod that is used to store quilts that are ready for bindings. Usually there are more hanging here, but my mother-in-law has been helping me get bindings done lately so I am getting caught up!

Random Stuff

Here is more random storage, fabric that I’m working with, bolts, yarn, etc.

Let the light shine in!

We have a leather couch and a recliner in the center of the room so there is room for everyone and we can be comfortable while we are here. There is honestly more room up here than in our living room. (That is kinda sad, actually.) But one of the best features is the huge skylights that provide lots of natural light.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Any and all suggestions to improve the space are welcome. I’d love to see your sewing or craft space too


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