Wayne Hills Craft Show

New Banner for Craft Shows

We are in Wayne, NJ at the Wayne Hills High School craft show today, sponsored by the band parents and organized by PJ Promotions. This is our first indoor show and it was a challenge to get everything into the space.

For this show we added a new banner to try to drive traffic to our Etsy shop, courtesy of Staples at 50% off. We also brought the chicken coop from home to add some vertical interest and get more merchandise in a smaller space.

Chicken Coop for Smaller Items

Rob was busy before this show too, making a movable rack to display wall hangings and table runners. It came out nice and is very light weight while still being sturdy.

New Display Rack

And lastly, the bag monster that my father-in-law made continues to help us showcase our handmade tote bags. Maddie was a big help yesterday so we have five new holiday totes.  I wish I had remembered my small quilt rack, but it worked out ok.

Tote Bags, Quilts, and Pillows
Tote Bags, Quilts, and Pillows

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