New Design

Notebook and pen cases

So I’m sure notebook cases are nothing new, but I was excited when I came up with these. I was looking for something reasonably quick to make to add to craft show booths and I know that I love writing in colored pens on nice paper. These notebook holders with colored pens went together quickly and I think they are so darned cute.

Inside pockets

Two pockets on the inside hold five colored Gel pens and a decorated Moleskin notebook. A ribbon holds the notebook closed when not in use. I made three for the last craft fair to test them out. None sold, but I did get a custom order for three that a woman ordered for her nephews – one in camo fabric, one featuring cars and trucks and the third featuring safari animals. I am going to try to crank out 10 – 15 more before the holiday shows in a bunch of designs for kids and adults.


    • Thanks Teri! I just delivered some custom notebook sets for a lady that ordered them for her nephews – camouflage, race cars and safari! I would live to do something for your nieces. Hope you are well!

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