Burning the Midnight Oil


I had big plans for today, I really did. I was going to make six table runners, a couple of table toppers, finish a custom order and stitch up a new clutch bag I designed but haven’t brought to life yet. That was before the week from hell at my day job. There wasn’t a day this week that I started after seven or finished before ten, including last night when i finally finished my last call at 10:30pm and closed my laptop at 11. And today, it caught up with me.

I was up at eight to lead a call to prep for a pitch on Monday and then went right back to sleep. Until noon. And then went for a mani/pedi. And then to bed, bath and beyond. It was literally 4pm when I stepped foot into my sewing room.

So the tally for today is two Christmas table runners, three Thanksgiving table toppers, and that’s about it. But, I am trying something new tomorrow and will be bringing my machine to the show. Hopefully it will draw attention and maybe bring in a few custom orders. If nothing else I will make up for lost time and bang out a few more table runners.

New Jersey friends, come visit at the Wayne Hills high school craft show on Berdan Road. I will be in the gym.

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