Measure twice, cut once


A week and a half ago I got a custom order on Etsy for five holiday pillows. No problem! I was psyched as it was my largest custom order to date. I carefully calculated the fabric and had just enough to get them done.

You know those handy dandy rulers that have an inch marked in one side and a half inch on the other? Yeah. Well I was cutting away with the half inch side – and then I wasn’t. So I ended up with the last strips of fabric being a half inch short. Lesson learned (again!) measure twice and cut once!!!

Fortunately the customer is a gem. I have her a choice of a few day delay so I could replenish my stick of the fabric, or of using another fabric to complete the order. She wants all five pillows to be identical and she isn’t sending them out until December so the timing isn’t an inconvenience. The fabric came tonight, Rob and I finished the pillows, and it will be on the way to my customer in Canada first thing tomorrow. And now I have fabric to make a few more of these!

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