The Fat Cats


Today I participated in the Paramus High School Craft Show in Paramus, NJ. It was a lot if fun and despite not being in a great location, I had steady traffic. Next year I will register much earlier! Despite being in a hallway, I did like the 17′ x 4′ layout as it gave me a lot of room to display holiday table runners.

So first, what I learned. It really is true that having variety is key. I had only 7 holiday pillows (three varieties) as I had been focusing in table runners and time got away from me. When I had all 7 people were negotiating as to who got to buy them. When 6 were sold and there was only 1 left I couldn’t get a look. People like choice and want to pick up multiple items and decide which to buy.

I was also reminded of a lesson we all learned as kids, and that is not to judge a book by its cover. One woman came by in pajama pants looking like she had just woken up and was lovely – and one of the best sales of the day.

I was also entertained today. I asked one fellow vendor how she could justify her price point for a common item and she referred to the show’s clientele as “fat cats with corporate jobs in NYC who will pay anything.” Whoa. If only she knew what my day job was. Another lady walked by me and a neighbor who was selling baked goods and homemade jellies and referred to our aisle as “the old lady section – quilts and jam!” I was not aware that only old ladies liked jam. Or quilts.

It was a fun day. One more craft show to go before the end of the year. Which is a good thing because I need to switch gears and start making some Christmas gifts. Happy sewing folks.

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  1. Erin,
    I LOVED this post! I’ll be at the Paramus HS Spring Craft Show this month. It will be my very first craft show, so I’m completely frazzled and nervous! I’m glad to have gotten a perspective of someone who had their first experience here! I’ll be in the gym in an 8×10 foot space and I’m trying to wrap my head around HOW I’m going to display things! My display pieces are almost finished so next week I’ll start practicing! I’m thankful you mentioned the tip about the low quantity of some items and people not purchasing the last one. I have a few items that I only have had time to make around 10 and wonder how I will take orders for them if they are sold out and none are left to see, touch and feel and test! Question, how did you handle your cash and did you take credit cards?

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