Owls at Christmas

I have a favorite customer who places a custom order at almost every show. She has great taste so it is really fun to see for her. Earlier this fall, I delivered a custom order to her home and noticed she collects owls. The following week I found some awesome owl Christmas fabric in my stash and brought it to the next show to see if she wanted anything made from it.

Sure enough, she loved the fabric and told me to make her whatever I wanted. After some back and forth she landed on two throw pillows and a cat mat – essentially a mini quilt to go on a favorite chair for her cat to rest. She wouldn’t give me any other guidance other than to ask me not to cut the owls up to small.


I made my customer the red pillows and then made some on green to sell. They are already sold out. And the owls are so darned cute. This was a good rinser to incorporate more fun and whimsical fabrics into my merchandise for adults. I am meeting my customer tomorrow to deliver her pillows and mat and hopes she thinks they are as cute as I do.

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