Staying Engaged

I get asked quite often how I manage to get it all done – between my full time job in advertising, sewing for fun, and then creating things for craft shows and Etsy, the work can pile up. As much as I love to sew, there are some days that I just can’t get motivated or some projects that just take me longer to get started on. I curious how you stay motivated or what you do to recharge when your energy is low.


Project Components
I always have multiple projects going at once in various phases of completion. For bigger projects I chunk them out, pulling fabric one day, cutting another and then completing specific tasks. Today I was tired so I worked on starting the pockets for a custom greeting card holder. Just getting the pocket backs done was a great start – tomorrow I will do the pockets themselves and then this wall hanging will practically finish itself!


Standard Blocks
When I want to sew but don’t want to get too involved or don’t have a lot of time, I will work on making standard blocks. Today I made a stack of holiday 4-patches which I will whip into pillows later this week. This stack made from 2.5″ x 44″ fabric strips will give me enough for four pillows.


Picking Up Where I Left Off
Here are some blocks for pillows that I started today based on 4-patches I made last week. I also cut border strips and will finish these up after work tomorrow night.

What are your tricks to staying engaged and productive when you aren’t feeling it? I would live to hear your ideas!

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