We aren’t waiting for Santa…

We are waiting for the long arm machine! It arrives on Monday from Handi Quilter (all 7 boxes and 327 pounds of it) and we are ready. First, new shelves went up to make room for the machine – it takes a whopping 12″ x 7″ including room to walk around it.


Then, we cleaned the rest of the room really really well. Honestly, when I have stuff everywhere it stresses me out and I am not as productive. So, here it is, as clean as it has ever been.


And now we wait. But the waiting has been fun. I ordered the machine from the fabulous The City Quiltet in NYC. I had my leason woth owner Cathy on my birthday last week and spent aome time woth the wonderful owner Dale )who managed to help me talk myself in to another Bernina – but more on that later.) I had shopped there a few times a year for a long time, and even bought one of my Berninas there, but it used to be a 12 block walk and that always seemed to far to sneak away during the workday. Now it is only a 2.5 block walk from my new office so look out. I plan to try to get there a couple of times a month. And why not? Their customer service is fantastic, the selection amazing including a mix of modern, seasonal and specialty fabrics and they sell oodles of cute patterns, books and helpful notions. Plus, let’s face it, while Cathy did a terrific job on my longarm lesson, there is a ton to remember and I we have A LOT of questions.

Is it Monday yet???

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