Phew! He Liked Them!

I posted a few days ago about two customer order quilts that I made. My friend Tony that ordered them is gifting them to his niece for her newborn twin daughters. I made these late last year and finished them right after the holidays, but don’t usually post photos until I know the person has gotten the package. (I think that weird habit goes back to my wedding when the photographer was posting photos of us on Facebook before we even saw them…)

Anyway, imagine my delight (ok, relief) when I got the following email from Tony:


Tony is such an awesome person that I really wanted him to be pleased with the quilts. He is one of those people that I connected with when I first met him close to 16 years ago and even though we don’t work together any longer, I’m very grateful that we are still friends. Now I hope his niece likes the quilts for her new daughters as much as he does.

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