Custom Order

I received an interesting custom order a few weeks ago on Etsy. My customer wanted to have a tote bag, with a zipper, made to store an antique game Baird. Dimensions were 23.5″ x 23.5″ with an inside pocket. The customer was flexible about fabric but wanted something black and white, and pink accents were ok too.


The tote bag construction was fine, but the zipper was tough. I was afraid that installing a zipper in the traditional way would cause the opening to be too small for the game board. So I modified the pattern.


(The zipper is not crooked – I just had no one to help me take the picture.)

I put a pocket inside the bag to pull
through the pink accents.


I was nervous about whether it not my customer would like it, but I guess she did as she ordered another custom bag for a friend today. Phew!

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