Design Inspiration

I like visiting galleries, museums and shops with great design for ideas and inspiration for my work. So today we did double duty. We chaperoned our 16 year-old hipster niece to NYC for a big date and spent the afternoon visiting City Quilter and the Museum of Modern Art.


I love MoMA and enjoyed the galleries, Jasper Johns exhibit and the Frank Lloyd Wright display. And on such a beautiful day the Sculpture Garden was a treat. But what I really wanted to see was the Designing Modern Women exhibit. Unfortunately that was sort of a dud, but they had some great women-designed or featured rock and roll posters that gave me some ideas. Then I came across this little book in a glass case. This was apparently a kindergarten book about folding paper. Cool, right? And quilty.

Truthfully I spent a lot of time in the shop too. I get so many ideas from their great book collection. But today I didn’t buy as I am in a de-clutter mode.

Tomorrow we are at the Wayne Valley craft show in Wayne, NJ. I can’t believe the spring shows are here, and I can’t believe I wasn’t more productive. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

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