Table Toppers

I have been quiet over the past few weeks as my day job has been unreasonably busy. But, despite the craziness at work, I have made a few new things.


I have really enjoyed making table toppers. I got the Atkinson Designs hexagon table topper pattern which has three sizes – small which is about 23″ in diameter, all the way up to a large size that could work for a kitchen table or tree skirt.



Getting the fabric mix right is critical for these. This one worked out as a way to highlight the Easter egg antic but the two solid prints are kind of lame. Not my best effort.



This one didn’t really work at all. There isn’t enough contrast between the background and the points if the star. So it kind of ended up like a mottled mess. The palette is pretty but the background fabric is just too busy.


This was the last one I did and is my favorite so far. The blue points could have been a little darker but I think they worked out. The background pulls everything together and it is a really pretty spring palette. I did a few if each for craft shows, but this is the one that I made an extra of for our house.;

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