Spring has sprung

Well it looks like spring is finally here. We had a fun brunch last weekend to celebrate with me, Rob, Maddie, my brother Mike and my friend and colleague Jen.


My brother cooked which was awesome since he is a chef, but I contributed a homemade banana cake, black and red fruit salad and mimosas. That was no competition for his lobster Mac and cheese.



We are outside but I still broke out one of my favorite table toppers from days past. The colors are a little country for my tastes now, but the pattern is so quick and simple. This table topper would look awesome on a round kitchen table, or even work as a table cloth with a larger border. Give that red is the only color outside if neutrals in our living room/dining room, this worked just fine.



Here is a closer look at the fabric and quilting.

Hope your spring is off to a warm and living start!>

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