Scrap busting!

Work has been tough lately so I took today and tomorrow off to recharge and get some sewing done. Of course, “took off” means got up early to work for two hours and will likely mean the same later, but in the meantime I am grateful for a bright sunny day and some quiet time.

My sewing room is quite the mess lately and the cutting table is about to collapse under the weight of the fabric on it. So, today I am scrap busting.


First up, two baby quilts out of leftover charm squares. I will add a 5″ border to each to get them to a reasonable size and will then practice on the longarm machine. I am so happy those leftover squares will go to a good home. 🙂


Next, I have been cutting smaller scraps into 2.5″ squares for scrap quilts. Each one will end up being completely made shades of a particular color. They will look something like this one:

Postage Stamp Baby Quilt
Postage Stamp Baby Quilt

And then, later, I will try to make sense of this overflowing basket of leftover bindings!!!



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