Booth at Nyack Street Fair

We did our first street fair yesterday as opposed to a craft fair. The difference? The street fair allows commercially manufactured items. We had visited one of the three annual street fairs in Nyack last summer and didn’t think it was for us as we saw vendors pulling merchandise right out if “made in China” boxes. Boy were we wrong.

This street fair spans many blocks and draws a great crowd. We had steady foot traffic all day. And since our tent had gotten destroyed, we bought a shiny new white one.


So with our new white tent came a booth redesign. Black velvet table cover. New printed pricing signs. A cute little welcome banner. An outdoor rug!!! And pretty new pink baskets. Of course I spent more on booth decor then I made at the show but hopefully it was a good investment. Early signs say yes as sales were strong and five custom orders are keeping me busy this week!>

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