Worth a Chuckle

I was scrolling Facebook yesterday and came across this image that someone had posted on the Blogging Project Runway page:


This really made me laugh. I can honestly say I never put on a clean dress to sew, although I did stitch out an embroidery design at 9pm last night in a dress that I wore to work, then to dinner, then to Maddie’s tennis lesson. I am pretty sure it was far from clean. And, when done, I added my water glass to the top of the pile of dishes in the sink, took a bath, and then climbed into my very unmade bed. There was definitely no powder in sight and while I’m a fan of lip gloss, I’m pretty sure I don’t even own lipstick. I most definitely would have failed as a 1940’s housewife.

As someone on the Facebook group said, this manual was most definitely written by a man. But, nonetheless, it made me chuckle so I thought I’d share.

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