Throwback Thursday

You know how you put a piece of yourself in every quilt you make? And then, when you visit the person who received the quilt, it is like seeing a long lost friend when you see the quilt? I was looking for some pictures to send one of the folks who organizes craft shows I do and was reminded about how many projects I’ve made that I really liked. And some that didn’t turn out so well too. 🙂 So, I decided to do a Throwback Thursday feature on my blog and revisit some of the projects that I have made over the years.


This is a queen sized quilt that I made for my Mom’s 60th birthday. I believe she turns 75 this summer, so this quilt was made a long time ago. It was one of my earlier efforts. My mom loves aqua and wanted something soft and floral that would read feminine. This was a Moda fabric that immediately got me hooked on quilt-shop fabric.

I am not so sure that Ohio stars set on point was a wise choice for one of the first three quilts I made, and the very first bed quilt. If you look very closely at the image below you can see one of the aqua blocks has the points set upside down. I never noticed it – not when I pieced the block, now when I stitched the blocks together, not when I quilted it, and not when I put the binding on. Only after i gave it to my mom and saw it on her bed did I catch my mistake.



Fortunately for me Mom loved the quilt anyway, despite its many imperfections. And, she still uses it on the bed in her guest bedroom in Florida. I’ve been working on a quilt to celebrate her retirement (that has since passed) that I am hoping to finish for her birthday this year.

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