Tuesday? No. To-Dosday!

So, my To-Do list is growing and I really just realized it tonight. So, I have to finish my stepdaughter’s high school graduation quilt by Friday. I have two custom baby quilts due this week. And, just today, I got a custom order on Etsy for four custom spring pillows. A very nice man ordered them as a gift for his mom – one per season for winter, spring, summer and fall. And they have to ship on Friday to get to California in time for the gifting occasion.

But that is the least of my To-Do list. While not do this week, I have a custom order for a t-shirt quilt. But, not any t-shirt quilt. A two-sided, queen sized, t-shirt on one side and softball diamond on the other side t-shirt quilt. I owe the client a sketch, which is no problem. I’ve done four. But the curves aren’t just right. The measurements are a little off. And the girl receiving this seems so very sweet, and her mom is awesome, and I want to make it perfect.

Speaking of perfect, this is my path to work every morning. Come up from subway, and walk one block to Starbucks. Get coffee. Big coffee. Walk about 100 feet. Look to the right and look up.

photo 1.JPG

Yep, the Flatiron Building, in all its glory. If they could build this amazing building that is not perfectly square, surely I can make a softball field. (See what I did there?)

Have another look. This is what I see when I walk a quarter block to the left, and look over my shoulder before going into my building.

photo 2.JPG

And, then, once upstairs, this is the view looking out the window:

photo 3.JPG

How could I not be inspired? I have every confidence that the softball field t-shirt quilt will turn out awesome. Curves and all. And if my confidence wavers, I’ll just look outside my office building and take inspiration from this NY beauty. And, in the meantime, I have Thursday and Friday off this week for end-of-school year activities – and some sewing. Gotta get through my “ToDosday” list!

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