Pulling Fabrics

Yay! No work today. So, why am I sitting on the couch in my bedroom still answering emails? Hmmmm. Am I that busy at work, or simply stalling? Ok. The minute I finish this post I’m going downstairs to get more coffee and then upstairs to start the sewing marathon!

First up will be the custom order pillows that I have to shop tomorrow. The idea is one scrappy string pillow each for winter, spring, summer, and fall. Here is the fabric I sent to the customer last night which he called, “Simply perfect.”

photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG

So winter would be snowmen and snowflakes with some speckled glitter fabrics thrown in. I would also toss in a little aqua or a light purple to lighten it up a tiny bit.

Then, for spring, I have an awesome iris fabric that screams spring. I’ll mix that with some happy polka dots in pink, blue and lavender, and finish with lots of greens.

For summer the customer had suggested bright colors with a little bit of patriotic fabric thrown in. I might add in some orange and yellow, colors that scream summer to me.


The autumn pillow is ready to go. It features autumn leaves with orange, gold, and burgundy strips. The back is the leaves print.

Ok, ready, set, sew!

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