Another set of quilts for twins

I have said in the past how much I enjoy doing quilts for twins. I met a nice lady at the Westwood arts and antiques fair in early June. Her friend’s daughter had just given birth to twins and she wanted a special gift. I showed her some photos of other quilts I had made for twins and she basically agreed with my approach if picking a consistent fabric and using different colorways to make them unique.


Picking the fabric was tough. I didn’t have anything I loved in my stash. I thought these animals from the Urban Zoologie collection were adorable but thought the primary colored horses may be too different from the softly shaded giraffes. I called my client and she deferred to my judgement. The pressure was on!


These quilts had to come together quickly. So I did simple squares with two borders. To add a personal touch I embroidered each baby’s name in the center square.



For the quilting, I did a simple stipple pattern. I didn’t want anything too busy and wanted the two quilts to be consistent.



These were a lot of fun to make and my client was very happy. Now with the extra fabric I will do another set for my Etsy shop.


  1. They are just beautiful Erin! They really are. And I love seeing the transformation from the fabric pieces to the quilts……they look so different to how I would have imagined them. They are beautiful.

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