It is a Jungle Out There!


Just shipped out this adorable jungle-themed baby quilt. I actually made one of these a few weeks ago thinking it would sell as a quilt for a baby boy. At the show there were two people interested in it so I offered to make another one. This one is for a baby girl and it works because the bedroom is green and the mom wanted no pink to be used.


The blocks are very simple but the graphic nature if the fabric packs a punch. And, I just love the backing fabric!


The quilting is just a simple freehand loop as there is so much going on with the fabric that I didn’t want to compete. And, I have to admit that when it comes to bindings I really love stripes or plaids. This plaid had all the right colors and still felt appropriately playful to me.


And now off it goes, hopefully to a good home to bring love and warmth to a new baby girl. It is a jungle out there, but hopefully the baby girl getting this quilt won’t have to worry about that for a long, long time!



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