Craving beach colors

I have been very burnt out lately and on top of that my husband who is a carpenter is doing a big job in the hamptons. Given our summer vacation plans fell through for various reasons this summer, we decided to spend this weekend at the beach.


We rented a lovely house with an awesome pool. The house was very tastefully decorated in shades of white, tan and ocean blue. It was very soothing and exactly what we needed.


Now I find myself craving a quilt in beach colors. Whether it be the soothing spa-like palette of the home, or the brighter hues of the Towd Point sunset, I know that a beachy throw quilt is in my future. The best part is that I haven’t really felt like sewing over the last few weeks but now I feel energized and can’t wait to sew, blog, and really make my fall craft shows a success!





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