The Joyful Quilter

Edited on 12/28/2020 – Sadly the Joyful Quilter is no longer in business. 

I would like to think that I am a joyful quilter, but today I am talking about The Joyful Quilter, a lovely shop in Glenville, NY. Maddie and I are upstate visiting our good friends, the Grays, to celebrate Zack’s 14th birthday. As you would expect. Any time Jen and I get together there is always seeing, fabric shopping and Kahlua involved.


I really liked this simple strippy quilt as it looks like it would be great for a man. It would also be awesome for scrap busting or to use up extra flannel and wool.


This one caught my attention because of the interlocking blocks. I always love these quilts and have bought, clipped or bookmarked several of these types of patterns over the years. Still haven’t made one though. Odd. Or lazy?


And I snapped a shot of this one because I loved the color play and illusion created by the pattern. They do really lovely work at this shop and have a great selection of traditional, holiday, batik and children’s fabrics.



Well of course I shopped! The Be Jolly is for holiday and winter pillows and maybe a runner or two. The metallic Christmas is to make a table topper for our dining table. The Santa stripe is for at kings, and the pink owls will make an awesome baby quilt. That was fun!



And just for fun, here is Jen making spooky pumpkin Halloween pancakes with the pancake forms from Williams Sonoma that Maddie gave Jen for her birthday.

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