Granny’s Attic

We were in Middleton, NJ at the 34th annual Granny’s Attic holiday craft show today. This show is an annual tradition, held the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This was my first year doing it and I will definitely be back – in fact, I will be sending in my application for next year tomorrow.


They essentially use the entire school to accommodate crafters. We were in a classroom with three other artisans, all of us making distinctly different things. The set-up was a bit of a challenge as our space was not a clear-cut rectangle. Morale of the story is to remain flexible and be creative.


With those guiding principles in mind we reconfigured our space and created a wall of all embroidery. It worked out great. It was out biggest day for embroidery yet.

The show was amazingly well organized. Each vendor had a custom printed sign marking their space that was then put on the door of of their room. A packet was provided with a lunch order form and the application for next year’s show. And, the student volunteers did a great job of lending a helping hand.

And now we are home, and tired, but grateful for a fun day!

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