David Burke’s Fabrick


Wow, can’t believe I haven’t posted for a week. Between work, custom orders, catching a cold, and enjoying holiday time with my family, it has been quite busy. Last week was Jingle Ball in NYC which essentially means that Maddie and her bestie Kira get to go to a big fancy concert and Rob and I get to go to a big fancy dinner. We went to David Burke’s Fabrick.

According to his website, “derived from the Latin faber, meaning “artisan” and intentionally spelled with a “ck”, fabrick’s unique moniker is not only a nod to the brick-and-mortar facades common in the restaurant’s Garment District neighborhood and the bricks of pink Himalayan salt that line Chef Burke’s patented beef dry-againg room but also to the city of New York itself.”

Beyond the awesome small plates (think bacon on a clothesline, amazing scallops with a papaya salad and lobster dumplings), they had quilts. Yes, quilts. The restaurant, or at least the area we were seated in, was decorated with quilts. My friends at The City Quilter had let me know they were placing quilts there, and i had been excited to see them. I guess we now know who picked the restaurant for dinner.


This is the quilt that I was looking at throughout the meal. Very simple, very modern, and way more work than you would think by looking quickly. The quilting was intricate and tied to the blocks. I couldn’t tell from far away if it was done by hand or by machine, but even if by machine it was likely not a long arm due to the number of straight lines. Very nicely done.


Placed on the brick wall behind Rob was this awesome quilt. It really jumped out at you and was quite original. Upon closer inspection, and by reading the plaque beneath the quilt, I saw that one of the materials listed is tea bags. Yes, tea bags. What?


I was able to get a closer look, but I can’t really figure out the construction on this one. I just sent a note to Dale at City Quilter to ask him what the deal is, but I am guessing some sort of spray paint, hand sewing, and a whole lot of courage. It was very, very cool. Mesmerizing actually. And for sale!

Great food, great decor, an awesome glass of wine, and great company. It was a good night.

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