New T-shirt Quilt


I like making T-shirt quilts. I can finally post this one since it was picked up today by my customer. This is a holiday gift for her daughter who lives in Colorado and will be a total surprise. The shirts are not about any one thing – they include college T-shirts, travel T-shirts, and some from different sporting activities. Wendy was really terrific as the only guidance you gave me was to use bright colors and to try to use as much of the shirts as possible.


Unfortunately I forgot to take full size photos before Wendy picked up the quilt, but you can get the idea. I cut the shirts to 14 1/2″ square and used a fusible interfacing to stabilize them, and then used a 2 1/2″ sashing to pull them altogether. The few shirts that were too small to go into a 14 1/2″ piece I put together to equal that size, either two 14 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ pieces, or four 7 1/2″ equates. The back of the quilt is a bright yellow on yellow polkadot, picking up the yellow from the front sashing. The quilting is a simple all over freehand loopy loop.


And now this quilt is on its way to a new home in Colorado and hopefully a very surprised daughter. Her mom put a lot of thought into it and I really hope she loves it.

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