New Tote Bag

I whipped up these cute little tote bags for a customer who needed gifts for tween girls. This is the same last I made a tree skirt for earlier this month. The girls are related so she wanted something similar. What young girl doesn’t love polka dots?


I added the embroidered names to make them personal. I used a darker tone than the fabric so the names would be visible but not overpowering.


I didn’t include a cell phone pocket as I didn’t know if the girls had mobiles yet but I want one of the pink ones and will definitely add a picked on any I make for myself or my Etsy store. The inside is a corresponding stripe, same as used in the handles and around the bag.



The same lady also got the girls matching shirts embroidered with a rainbow and their names. I love the silver metallic thread for the star and their names.


I sure hope the girls like their gifts. Marianne put a lot if thought into what they might like!

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