Handmade Christmas 2015

Like most years, I made quite a few gifts this year. Given this was the first Christmas in many years that I had an embroidery machine, and I had limited time due to craft shows, embroidery was a common theme.


Maddie has been into baking lately, so one of her many baking themed gifts was this apron and matching towel. I have called her Maddiecakes since she was a baby, so this was especially appropriate.


I learned in Christmas Eve that our nephew Scott is obsessed with mooses. His sister asked me to make him a moose shirt, and she loved the pun, “merry christmoose.” We even got him to wear the shirt!


My assistant Lina got a personalized scarf and a game book for her beautiful daughter.


I made personalized game cases for the girl, Ilana, who does my nails kids too. I leaned just before Christmas that her real name is Anali, or Anna for short. At the salon they call her Ilana because there is another Anna.



She got a tote bag with each name embroidered, one on each side.



I personalized lots of scarves. These were for my mom and Rob. My hair dresser got one, as did Rob’s Mom and Dad, and a few folks I haven’t seen yet.


I love making table toppers, especially for the holidays. I made this table topper with the matching towel for my boss and friend Lynn. I did the topper in a snow theme so she could use it all winter.


Many people got tissue holders in their Christmas stockings this year.


My mother in law got an embroidered apron. Last year I made her one, but there is a merimekko in my building at work. Since she is from Finland and loves their items, I bought the apron and added the embroidery.


And, lastly, my neighbor Pete got a bottle of chianti in a homemade wine bag.

This was the first year in many that I didn’t gift a handmade quilt. I will have to get caught up this year!

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