The Teenager’s Room, Updated

A couple of weeks ago I shared our trip to IKEA to redecorate Maddie’s bedroom. She started off a bright focus fabric from IKEA and then picked orange as the primary paint color and both pink and white for accents. As a reminder, here was her design inspiration:


My first reaction was, “yowza! How are you going to sleep in that room?” LOL. My fear grew when I saw her paint colors, both from Benjamin Moore, fiesta orange and island sunset. They are both beautiful, but her room isn’t huge and I was afraid it would be overpowering. But boy, do the names of the colors may me want to plan a beach vacation!


So the paint went up, the furniture was assembled, and the curtains were made and hung. And, I learned that Maddie has an amazing eye. Firs, the paint, which is beautiful and rich paint and looks great on the walls. I guess that is why Rob uses it on all of his painting jobs. These great colors mixed with some white on the walls, white furniture and white in the curtains brought it all together very nicely and in a very balanced way.


The curtains were very simple to whip up and fit perfectly inside her window frame at the bottom. I did a rolled hem on the sides and at the bottom so they will withstand machine washing. The top is a rolled hem folded down with a 1.5″ slot for the curtain rod. They are so cute in person and really give the room a jolt of personality.

Teenagers apparently don’t “see the need” for dressers so we went with a bed with two storage drawers under the bed in each side. This model also has shelving built into each side of the headboard and a shelf in top.


Unfortunately this isn’t a great shot so those features aren’t so obvious. I have to make a quilt including her focus fabric, but in the interim, she is borrowing the quilt Jen made me for Christmas last year. She also bought a fleece of her focus fabric to hold her over until her quilt is ready.


The wall unit fit her room perfectly. She has two sections with doors to allow addition storage, and then lots of shelves for books and decorations. Her TV, Xbox and cable supplies also have a neat and organized home.


Now she can hang out in her room and play Xbox (as shown here with her uncle) and have a comfortable space that is neat and organized. Still to come is a built in window seat for under her window and a desk for the wall not shown. And of course a modern, graphic, and colorful quilt for her bed that I have promised to have done by Valentine’s Day. Good job Maddie! And thanks to Maddie’s Dad, Uncle and Stepdad for getting this done so quickly!

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