Sewing Helpers


My good friend Shane came to visit yesterday with his adorable kids, Sophia and Gavin. We decided to hang out in the sewing room to multitask – catch up on things while working on spring orders.


The kids were mesmerized by the embroidery machine. Sophia is a mini-fashionista to begin with, and Gavin was interested too. So, making spring merchandise quickly became making t-shirts for the kids. They each picked their pattern and colors and even the font for their names.


The shorts came out cute and Sophia and Gavin were happy to pose as models for my Etsy shop.


After seeing for a bit, Rob, Shane and I went to dinner, leaving Maddie in charge of the kids. They decided to bake. And make goo.


I can’t even begin to explain what my kitchen looked like, but I have to admit they were quite productive. They actually made chocolate chip and M&M cookies, cinnamon donuts and a three layer “volcano cake.” And did I mention the goo?

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