Secret Pal

I got a custom order late last week that was a little unusual. It was for a simple owl-themed notebook case and came out quite nice.



The notebook case wasn’t the special part. The woman who orders this is doing a secret pal swap. So she asked me to wrap it and add a note. Unfortunately I am low (hard to believe) on non-Christmas gift wrap but luckily I always have tissue paper and ribbon. So I wrapped it up and it’s in the way – and I know better for next time.


Speaking of being on the way, I wrote this post last night when we were on our way. My frequent flyer and hotel points add up fast, and everyone has been working so incredibly hard, that I decided to treat the fam to a long weekend in cancun. It is a quick trip but sometimes just a few days of relaxing is all it takes to recharge. And given I am off this weekend and Monday and rob is slow at work, the timing was just right.


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