Drawing Design Inspiration from Cancun


I have written before about craving beach colors, but the water here is such an unbelievable shade of turquoise that I could photograph it all day this shot would make a beautiful strippy quilt with blues, teals, whites and sands. I am thinking about doing one in a plain spoken pattern with an occasional pop of orange to represent the sun.


As beautiful as the Caribbean Sea is on a sunny day, it is equally beautiful first thing in the morning, or closing a day with an amazing sunset. This top shot taken across the pool with the sea in the distance speaks to the potential that any day can hold. And the sunset shot at the lagoon is a breathtaking reminder of the beauty that exists all around us.


Speaking of the beauty of the beach, Rob and I went for a walk on the beach late yesterday afternoon. It was lovely and when we got back to our resort be asked to take a rest on one of the lounge chairs so he could check email and respond to a customer. I was happy to do so as my friends in London were emailing given they don’t celebrate President’s Day. A few minutes into our work beak, I looked up and saw these amazing sand creatures. I am amazed at folks who make something out of nothing – my brother who is a chef and can open an empty fridge and make an awesome meal, a quilter working from scraps, or in this case a very clever sand artist. Very cool.


Maddie and Kira got creative too. There was a guy at the pool who had a ceramic painting set-up. It was an awesome diversion from the pool and a nice way for them to stretch their creative muscles.


Beyond the girls creating their own crafts, we wanted to see the work of local artisans. We went to Mercado 28 yesterday, and while we didn’t find a lot of homemade work, the girls found fun (and cheap) souvenirs. We did better today at Tulum where they had a market of artisans selling items made by local artisans. I bought a tapestry and a beautiful hand-painted mask to add to our collection of travel mementos – we get something handmade whenever we can.


And, Tulum. Wow. I wanted to go to Chichen Itza but it was too far. Our friend Shane had recommended Tulum, and what a great place. The ruins are so beautiful – it seems wrong to call them ruins. They reminded of the longevity of the quilts we make. Maddie has a quilt that was her grandmothers and I am always dazzled by famous historic quilts – like Gees Bend for example. Then, reaching the top of the site and having the surprise of the cliff and the ocean was breathtaking. Made me think about an amazing quilt, and then you turn it over, and there is a pieces back or some amazingly interesting fabric.

I am so motivated to sew which is awesome given I was feeling a little sluggish with the dreadful weather we have been having. But, before I get to my machine I will be heading to quiltcon with Jen which I am sure will result in more motivation!

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